Forgings & Gears Division


Manufacturing of various types of gears & forging products


We have capacity to produce 200 tons per month. we also have capacities for developing, manufacturing and inspecting for fixtures for any new development under our qualified engineers, production is being done by our skilled machine operators, under constant guidance of our highly qualified supervisors who have a wide experience in this field of forging. we have installed a wide range of latest machineries in our work for every kind of machining & developing to meet the requirements of our valued customers. we have a full spare capacities and of course. we also have a Large range of instruments for the manufacturing process.

Market and clients

Narayan forging & gears Pvt. Ltd. Has made a distinct identity for it self as a manufacturer & supplier of a variety of products that can be divided into four broad categories viz

A – Automotive forging
Flanges, automotive parts, forging
Track lines and tractor components
Cramp wheels and pinions

B – Forged Valve
Valve flanges & forged pipe fittings

C – Lift & houses Forging
Crank shaft, connection road

D – Forged fittings & flanges
Camshafts, transmission & drive gear banks
Steering levels spiders & drop army
Slack adjusters propeller shafts & UJ components



Plant is located at shapar dist Rajkot, Gujarat India. 15 kms away from Rajkot and 290 kms away from Ahmedabad airport.


We are flexible for forging outputs from 0.1 KG/PC to 8 KG/PC in material like Ferrous, Non Ferrous & Stainless steels as per customers Requirement. Some of our Products as below,

  1. Ball Valve Forging Class #800 ½” to 2”
  2. Gate valve & Globe valves Class #800 ½” to 2”
  3. All types of Gears
  4. Flanges & Pipe fittings
  5. Automobile & Transmission
  6. All Types of Forgings.
  7. Oil Engine Gears(C.I. Casting with Fully Machining & Teeth Cutting)


We have In House Machining facility so we can supply fully machining product to our customers.

Infrastructure & Machinery

We have manufacturing facility like Forging Unit (equipped with 1MT Belt Drop hammer, power presses.), Machining Shop (Equipped with CNCs, SPMs & Gear Shapers for teeth cutting) & Cupola furnace for casting.

We also have in house Die making facility Equipped with VMC, Vertical Milling & conventional lathe machine.


We are committed to enhance our customer’s satisfaction by improvement in delivery, improvement in quality and proper attention on customer needs through continual improvement in quality management system.


Nearness to major ports of India- Kandla,Jamnagar,Bhavnagar,Pipavav,Mundra.

The raw materials are being purchased from mostly multinational ISO certified Companies. And they satisfies our major need of the raw materials. At present, We have no trouble to get raw materials in time

Proximitry to Local as well of Export market as per buyers requirements.

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